Storage Ideas

Evana Fridge storage tray in craft room

Storage ideas

As a crafter I am constantly on the look out for products and ideas that I could use in my craft room. Now, let me admit, Organizing is NOT a skill I was born with. But, with passing time and the enormous number of things I have bought, made,or been gifted, I could not afford to be NOT organized. A clutter free craft space sparks creativity like nothing else does.

Here are 3 products that I originally got for my kitchen but feel  they have great potential in the craft room.

Plastic Bag Dispenser to hold Rolls of Paper

I have rolls and rolls of paper, some of them very delicate paper which needs extra care and CANNOT go with the rest of my handmade papers. The plastic bag dispenser I think would solve the issue of storing them.


Swivel Spice Storage




Distress Inks and Stains StorageThe swivel spice storage served me well in the kitchen, but I felt it would be perfect in my craft room. Perfect for my Distress stains and other reinkers. I have 4 in my craft room! For inks, embellishments, glass beads and for Washi tape too. Like I said- Perfect! Perfect!


Sliding Organizer Rack

Evana Fridge storage tray in craft room

Meant to make organizing the fridge easy, I think these organizers have great potential in the craft room to corral the pens, clips, paper and other teeny tiny things that typically mess up the craft table. They also hold the many paper scraps I generate but cant bear to get rid of.







I make a LOT of mess when I work, but I like to walk in and out of a tidy craft room. So there you have them- 3 affordable and versatile products to organize all your craft supplies.

What creative ways have you tried to organize your craft room?  Come on… Share! Inspire ! and Let’s Create!



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